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Google Apps Extension

Please note this extension is not under active development, source code is available here

Quick extension for people who use Google Apps for one or more domains.

Set the domain(s) you want to have quick links to in the preferences.

The GA button on the toolbar opens a bar of buttons to the different google apps, currently Mail, Calendar, Doc and Manage domain (More to come).

Comments below or to

Thanks to Chris Morrell for the CSS

Licensed under BSD license

Click here to download

[Update: v1.13] Added support to select which links you want as well as google reader toggle for the non apps accounts

[Update(s): v. 2.1]

Added numerous new google services, including reader, analytics, adwords and adsense.

[Update: v. 2.1.1]

Fixed bug where icon bar button toggled visibility of only the first open window. Now toggles current window correctly

Added a link to the bar to this page

I will be starting a re-write of this extension soon, below are some of the features I hope to include in priority order.

  • Unread mail count for each gmail link
  • Separate preferences page which allows more granular control
  • Next event on hover for Google Calendar links
  • Unread news items count

Please let me know any other ideas in a comment.

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28 comments to Google Apps Extension

  • DCJ001


    I’m curious about the “domain name” feature of this extension. I’ve tried a few examples and I’m more confused before I installed the extension.

    Maybe you could give an example and the benefits of doing this?


  • This extension is for people using Google Apps ( ) where Google take over your domain and provide your email etc.

    The domain(s) you enter would be your companies domain name if they are using Google Apps.

    This is not intended for normal non corporate users of GMail etc.

  • hcabbos

    Very very nice extension. Now I wish the toolbar button was more attractive. The “GA” is very feint. Other than that, thanks!!!

  • I agree, the icon was the first thing I did.

    I’ll have another go later, perhaps a single G would be better.

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  • km01

    Is there a way to use the domain feature to get google voice as one of the entries?

  • Venelin

    hey, on the screenshot in pumpmysafari, what is the name of this extension with the numbers, looks like is RSS reader. Thanks

  • I’ll include google voice as an option in the next release.

  • Love the extension! It is a huge timesaver and has allowed me to dump a whole set of bookmarks I had for accessing multiple Google Apps accounts. The only issue I have is that if I have two windows open and click the toolbar icon to expose the Google Apps menu, only the first window that I opened will respond. So if I click the icon in the second window, it will expose the menu in the other window. Make sense?

  • ScienceMan

    Very nice! It worked first time and both installed and uninstalled easily without restarting Safari. Unfortunately, it can be be painfully slow to enable and disable via the “View…” pull-down menu and upon initial installation, as it appears to put itself in to every open Safari page, rather than an individual page. Can this be a feature request — i.e., to allow an option to place the toolbar only on a specific open page, or otherwise find a faster way to handle enabling and disabling it? Thanks!

  • Hi Dean, nice extension. I just installed the 2.1 version and have a few comments:

    1) On the extension configuration page, you have an option called “Enable the non google apps links below” which is followed by Mail Link, Calendar Link, etc. But when I check any of those boxes, Mail for example, it disables the Mail toolbar buttons for the Google Apps domains as well. In other words, it’s affecting everything, not just the “non google apps links.”

    I only use a standard, non apps, account for Google Voice so I don’t need/want buttons for Gmail, GCalendar, GDocs, etc. for my non-apps account.

    2) Your extension seems to work properly with multiple Google Apps accounts, but it doesn’t work with my standard (non apps) account that I need for Google Voice. Two different things happen depending on which account I log into first:

    2.a) If I configure your extension then click your Mail button for one of my Google Apps accounts I have to log in to that account and it works fine. But then when I click your GVoice button, instead of being promoted to log into that account I get a prompt to pick a new phone number, as if I was configuring a new Google Voice account.

    2.b) If I configure your extension and then click your GVoice button I am prompted to log into that account and it works properly. But then when I click your Mail button for one of my Google Apps accounts I get a prompt saying:

    You are trying to access Gmail with the following Google Account:

    (email address for my Google Apps account here)

    However, you are already logged in with a different Google Account:

    (email address for my Google Voice account here)

    Feel free to contact me directly if this isn’t clear, or if you want me to test something else.

  • @robert

    Point 1 – Yes, that’s not very clear. The mail, calendar etc. links are global. They should probably go about the check box for non google links. I will fix that so it’s clearer.

    It might be possible if I get the separate config page working to do what you want but the built-in preferences support for extensions isn’t really flexible to do this without it becoming very cluttered I’m afraid.

    Point 2 – I’m pretty sure that’s due to Google not the extension I’m afraid. If you log into one google account and goto another service by manually entering the URL into the URL bar the same thing will happen. These are just links to default pages on google so they can’t have any way of knowing which accounts are logged in.

  • Hi Dean, thanks for the quick response. So tell me how you envisioned this working for Google Apps users, since that’s who your extension is designed for. Google Voice is not integrated into Apps so we all have to use a second account. If it’s not possible to switch back and forth without logging in each time why do you provide a button for Google Voice? Is there some workaround that I missed?

  • For the other services it all just works for me. I can be logged into multiple apps accounts and one other account that I use for the non apps services like reader, analytics etc.

    I’m sorry I can’t check Google Voice myself as it’s not available in the UK so I cannot sign up and test, it may be that voice is different to the other services.

  • Adriano

    Hi Dean,

    I’m having trouble logging into my mail. I have updated the google app address in the preference menu.

    any suggestions?

  • Adriano

    please disregard my previous comment, I figured it out. Great extension! Thank you!

  • Add a email counter and Greader counter will be prefect.

  • Samuel Mikel Bowles

    I would love to be able to use this with multiple accounts at the same domain. I would also like to be able to choose which services I show for which domains. I don’t use all services on all domains.

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